My Kids

Friday, December 18, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ok peeps!! will b posting on and off....please do leave some comments alrite!! roger n out!!
U r the love of my life!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

This is one of my memorable band. My band played at Concorde Hotel featuring Ezlynn.
From left to right: ManB , Inaz , Fazli , Me and Halim

Well, tonights song selection are come undone by duran duran n love story by taylor swift. Preparing d band for coming gigs. So far the band has around a 100 songs already....

i actually have 2 kids. Areesha n Haykel . Hakeem is my nephew the one is yellow n brown stripe shirt..
Woke up......took me to mandi the kids about n hour or goodness ! i hope i'm not the only one in the world who is going thru the same thing. My kids, like my mom used to say 'muntah darah' trying to mandi them. Especially with Haykel. Undressing him is the most hardest part. And then comes the mandi n comes the dressing part. Argghhh...! anyway....came down and on their favourite channel while i prepare a meal...bagi makan then i did my thingy here. Halim is in KL doing his errands. So anyway, today 's menu would be sambal sardine, tempoyak and one stir fry vege. Again will be eating alone. or maybe wouldnt eat at all. In a while got to clean n tidy up the mess my children made. The house is like.. had just been hit by a tornado. Can u imagine that??
I thought i lost my page!! hahaha..silly me.. anyway..its 4.30am and my eyes r closing. I need a toothpick to hold up my eyelids! my hubby is waiting patiently for me while practicing his guitar skillls. Thanks B for waiting up! im supposed to listen to my new song list which i'm gonna have a practice session tonite! aaaa....dun worry! Have no fear!! that's wat my papa would say..ok..nee my beauty sleep now..b4 my boy wakes up asking for his 'fuel intake'. Nite nite! c u later!



I'm a newbie!! am excited still excited n curious bout this whole blogging thingy. Thanks to my couzy Rainer for teaching me one or two things bout this virtual modern technology. This blogging thing had always been in my mind for a long time..but never got a chance to actually find out wat it is..its really mind opening. But to my opinion, it is called a homepage rite?? correct me if im wrong..hey! told ya im a newbie! anyway, if my page n laguages seem to be kelam kabut, pleaaasee do excuse me....IM A NEWBIE LAH!! Dont worry, i'll learn through out this process.. obviously...