My Kids

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


These are my babies...mischieveous, lovey dovey, manja ness, and matter what...I LOVE MY BABY GAL AND MY BABY BOY!!


Happy Belated New Year Everybody!! Today is the 2nd day of school (kindergarden). And i'm really happy and glad that she's finally settled down.. Yesterday, she was excited wen we reached the school and did arranged her shoes on the shoe rack and kept her bag in the locker. But as the assembly began...she started to freak when i left her..she started screaming her lungs out..and guess what?? she was the only one who was screaming for me...hahaha..Luckily it was just for a while...the school principle did a good job by explaining and comforting her at the same time...after that she was ok...Because of yesterday's screaming session..all teachers in that school remembers her name. Now they focused on her. Cos Areesha had never actually socialise with other kids b4 other than her brother n cousins.. Well...i hope tomorrow is even better than today..and i hope that she will b able to make friends in school as well as learning....